Discovery180 - Evidence-Based Medication Assisted Treatment Center For Addiction

The Discovery 180 Difference

Treatment in Comfort

Discovery180's revolutionary approach to treating addiction allows treatment to be spread out over an extended period of time without suffering from the severe withdrawls and cravings that often occur with traditional treatment methods.

Effective Treatment at an Affordable Price

Discovery180's integrative model provides a safe, effective and convenient alternative to traditional residential treatment and at an affordable price.

Minimal Disruption to Daily Life

Discovery180's patients are usually able to maintain a relatively normal daily schedule. We understand that not everyone suffering with addiction or dependence can afford the disruption to their lives associated with traditional 30-90 day residential treatment programs or the fees associated with such programs. Discovery180 was designed as an effective and affordable option for these individuals.

Private and Confidential

Discovery180 takes your privacy very seriously! Safeguarding confidential patient information is a top priority for us. With staff specifically dedicated to protecting your privacy along with discreet office locations, our treatment is completely confidential.

"Withdrawing from Opiates and Opioids"