Forgiving the Unforgiveable: Making Your Family Fun Again: Grieving: I Messed Up:

Relationships never end. They can only change. Finding ways to repair that which feels unfixable takes energy and resolve that was used up trying to keep the relationship from failing. Not all relationships can be fixed, but you can have fun trying. This journey will teach you much about yourself, and the other.

Remember how much fun you were having when your first child was two years old? What happened? Will you ever have fun again? This experience teaches you what family scientists have known for years—you, all by yourself—can create changes by simply being different. Come and learn how.

So much of what we consider sadness is suffering from a loss, some of which we may not be aware. How do you gain awareness? How does one deal with losses of which we are only too aware? How do we find peace in the midst of so much loss? Join this class and learn how a small slice of joy can become part of your world again.

Restoring relationships first involves restoring you. This is a time to figure out who you are, what you want, and how the next chapter in your life will be written. There are some tools that you can use, or not, to assist in this process. You have been down a hard road. Time for a change.

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